Offero streamlines the volunteer management process for reporting and activity tracking. It makes the processes far more efficient, saving your staff significant time and effort.

Engage Your Volunteers

Volunteers are your most valuable resource. Offero makes it easy to understand their interests and keep them in the loop by automatically sending out reminders and notifications. Volunteers even have private discussion forums and messaging allowing them to work with other like minded people to exchange great ideas.

Easily Manage Activities

Offero allows your organization to update and create as many events as your organization needs at an infinite number of sites. Up to the minute information on volunteers you have, volunteers needed, and activity participation counts.

Amazing Reporting

We understand your reporting needs. Offero offers an amazing array of standard reports that are extremely flexible. You can quickly generate reports covering dozens of parameters from time-frames to the specific group of volunteers you are interested in. Offero also has a unique tagging system allowing very granular control over the dynamic reporting engine.

Unlimited Users

Offero allows unlimited volunteers, administrators, and activity participants. There are no per user fees so you will never have to worry about managing licenses or escalating costs as your programs expand. All versions also come with unlimited annual support.

Available Anywhere / Mobile Friendly

Offero is a cloud based web application architected on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform. This means your solution is backed by one of the most scalable, secure, and redundant hosting architectures available. Offero is available to anyone, anywhere, anytime with an internet connection. There is no software to install and updates are automatic. In addition, all Offero user interfaces are mobile friendly working beautifully on phones, tablets, and laptops.

Cost Effective

There are a wide range of available volunteer management solutions. Offero is a cost effective solution backed by the best service and support anywhere. There is no burden of hardware maintenace or IT support personnel. Offero is constantly evolving. We add new features and capabilities all the time and these are included at no additional cost within your service tier.

World Class Training & Support

We offer one-on-one training and have a support team that is second to none. It can be best summed up in a quote from one of customers. "Offero delivers. I am truly amazed at how quickly they respond to questions and address support issues. Their wonderful service is what any company should strive towards..."


Offero has a built in communications model that also protects the privacy of users by hiding their email and phone numbers where appropriate. System Administrators and Volunteers can easily communicate with all or a subset of the people associated with an activity with a simple email or text.