Carve the Path to a Stronger Community with our Free Citywide Volunteer Engagement Guide

Volunteer engagement is a powerful strategy to strengthen communities.

Yet, many city staff and residents encounter challenges when seeking to gain leadership support for citywide engagement strategies.

This guide is designed to help city staff, elected officials, and interested residents in building a case and support for citywide volunteer engagement strategies. While specifically written with city government in mind, the lessons are applicable to counties, states, and other entities as well.

This guide provides:

  • Concise research highlights on the value and benefits of citywide engagement strategies.
  • Case studies illustrating how different cities have built the case for citywide engagement strategies and the paths they have taken since.
  • Tools you can use to build the case for support.
  • Additional resources.

Created by:

Beth Steinhorn, President
VQ Volunteer Strategies

Lindsey Rehder, COO
Offero Volunteer Management

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