Developing New Volunteer Opportunities in Your City:


Creating new roles for volunteers—and not being bound to the way that things have always been done—is not about innovation for the sake of innovation. Rather, successful innovation in volunteer roles is a way to meet the evolving needs of your city, effectively and efficiently steward resources, and more.

The first in a series of playbooks, this guide will help you take actionable steps toward identifying community needs, developing new volunteer roles to address those needs, and equipping staff to support volunteers.

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As President of VQ Volunteer Strategies, Beth Steinhorn partners with organizations and their leadership to increase impact through strategic and innovative engagement. The author of multiple books and articles—including serving as coeditor of the new book Transforming Disruption to Impact—she is part of the national conversation about strategic engagement, frequently provides training on the topic, and consults with organizations throughout the US and Canada.

Meet Offero

The only volunteer management software you'll ever need

Offero is an enterprise-grade volunteer management software application created to meet the needs of programs just like yours. Our design and functional capabilities were derived from years of collaboration with volunteer coordinators and continue to evolve with their needs. We’ve successfully partnered with city, county, and state governments of all sizes and scopes to implement our cloud-based solution.

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Volunteer Recruitment & Onboarding
Volunteers search opportunities, submit applications and background checks, and complete training all in one place.
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Volunteer & Event Management
Manage volunteer scheduling and participant registrations while automating tasks like shift reminders, hour tracking, and feedback requests.
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Volunteer Engagement
Easily communicate with all or a subset of your volunteers. Volunteers connect with each other in a private discussion forum.
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Program Measurement
Turn your data into useful information at the click of a button with our Analytics dashboard and pull an amazing array of standard and custom reports.

“Offero has transformed our volunteer efforts into one cohesive program. Building systems and processes that apply to all volunteers is so much easier with Offero. Not to mention there is way less paper to keep track of! I can now pull reports city wide with the click of the mouse. I no longer have to spend countless hours compiling data from different sources.”

Charlotte Norville

Charlotte Norville

Offero Product Specialist
Former City of Fort Collins Citywide Volunteer Program Manager
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