Navigating the budgeting process for procuring Volunteer Management Software in government agencies requires careful planning, collaboration, and adherence to procurement regulations. By leveraging the right procurement methods, engaging relevant stakeholders, and making a compelling case for investment, government employees can successfully acquire and implement VMS to streamline volunteer management processes.

Navigating the Purchasing Process- a Guide for Procuring a Volunteer Management System, shares lists of stakeholders, appropriate steps, and a guide to the overall process.

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    Types of Procurement Methods

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    Stakeholder Lists

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    Steps for Making the Case

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    Vendor Selection Tips

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Offero is an enterprise-grade volunteer management software application created to meet the needs of programs just like yours. Our design and functional capabilities were derived from years of collaboration with volunteer coordinators and continue to evolve with their needs. We’ve successfully partnered with city, county, and state governments of all sizes and scopes to implement our cloud-based solution.

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Volunteer Recruitment & Onboarding
Volunteers search opportunities, submit applications and background checks, and complete training all in one place.
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Volunteer & Event Management
Manage volunteer scheduling and participant registrations while automating tasks like shift reminders, hour tracking, and feedback requests.
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Volunteer Engagement
Easily communicate with all or a subset of your volunteers. Volunteers connect with each other in a private discussion forum.
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Program Measurement
Turn your data into useful information at the click of a button with our Analytics dashboard and pull an amazing array of standard and custom reports.

"Offero is fantastic. There isn't anything else like it on the market. We use it daily to help us manage our volunteers and organize our events."

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