Program Measurement

January data aggregation has never been easier. Experience the ability to pull an amazing array of standard and custom reports—like our Analytics report that turns your data into useful information and infographics at the click of a button. Our unique tagging system provides added flexibility and granular control over the dynamic reporting engine. You'll be amazed with the insights that Offero can reveal about your program.

Offero analytics

Analytics dashboard

Offero makes it easy for you to view the key information you need to know about your volunteer program and present it to your constituents. Select the metrics that are important to you and view them as summaries and in drill-down detail.

Automated impact tracking

Offero automatically tracks the impact-related measures that are important to your organization. Whether you are interested in tracking the number of trees planted or the amount of bags of trash collected, Offero will tally these counts for you by volunteer, site, group, and department.

Offero impact tracking

"Offero provides great evaluative and reporting tools which allow me to see the impact of our volunteer-led program easily, as well as being able to see volunteer satisfaction."

City of Fort Collins Volunteer Coordinator

A.J. Chlebnik

Public Engagement Specialist at Fort Collins Natural Areas

Robust reporting

What information do you want to know about your volunteer program? Offero has you covered. We offer a vast array of standard and custom reports featuring just about every variable you could think of and available for export in HTML, PDF, Word, and Excel formats. Drill down in detail for a specific subset of volunteers, or pull information on your program as a whole.

Offero reporting
Offero dashboard

Administrative dashboard

Your administrative dashboard is the window to your volunteer program. See key information about your program right when you log in. Whether you want to see a list of upcoming birthdays, unfilled assignments, or background checks needing review, your Offero administrative dashboard will keep you in the loop.

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