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Private discussion forums

Volunteers connect with each other using private discussion forums, allowing them to build relationships with fellow volunteers and become more engaged with your cause.

"Offero keeps all of us volunteers feeling connected to our activities with updates, reminders, feedback, and cancellation notifications. I refer to Offero numerous times a month for my Master Naturalist activities. This spring I have started adding Site Visits as part of my 'Nature in the City' Bird and Butterfly monitoring. I love having an integrated database that is easy to navigate and keeps track of my hours!"

Ellen Heath

Ellen Heath

Volunteer at City of Fort Collins Natural Areas

Learning management

Create training courses for your volunteers at the organization or department level. These highly-configurable and engaging courses can include video, outside resources, and quiz-style content with scoring.

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Recognition and awards

We make your job easier by tracking qualitative and quantitative performance achievements so that you don't have to. Awards can be based on things like service time, impact-related measures (trees planted, etc.), and so much more.