Offero streamlines the volunteer management process, saving your staff significant time and effort

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Spend less time on admin tasks and paperwork

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Increase your return on volunteer investment (ROVI)

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Maximize volunteer and participant engagement

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Volunteer Recruitment & Onboarding

Our integrated education management module means that Offero handles your volunteer onboarding and online learning, reducing the paperwork on your desk and saving you time. We partner with Sterling Volunteers to streamline the background check process and offer you peace of mind.

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Custom-branded opportunity search
Highly flexible search screen that allows volunteers to search for opportunities, see details, request more information, and register to volunteer or attend.
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Online applications with eLearning & training
Volunteers submit their applications and waivers, and complete any learning and training modules through the software.
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Comprehensive volunteer profiles
Volunteers indicate their skills, interests, and preferences in their portals. They are also able to manage their demographics, emergency contacts, and contact methods right in the platform.
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Integrated background checks
Vetting your volunteers could not be easier with our integration with Sterling Volunteers.
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Volunteer & Event Management

Offero handles the paperwork and logistics for you so you can get back to doing what you love. Our hub for volunteer coordination allows participants to easily view and register for your events. Get up-to-the-minute details on registrations, open shifts, and event attendance while gaining peace of mind with automated shift reminders, hour tracking, and feedback requests for volunteers.

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Simple scheduling with our centralized calendar
Users view volunteer opportunities and register for events in the same place. Activities can be displayed in calendar or list view, and filtering is robust.
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Save time with self-reported site visits
Volunteers self-schedule an activity and complete a staff-configurable report to record hours and measure impact.
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Real-time hour tracking
Volunteers clock in and out for shifts using the app on desktop, mobile, or kiosk. Hours are updated in real-time.
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Integrated event management
Share events, view real-time registrations and attendance, manage the waitlist, communicate with participants, and track impact, outcomes, and feedback—all from your VMS.
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Volunteer Engagement

Offero makes it easy to understand the interests of your volunteers, keep them engaged in your cause, and celebrate their milestones and achievements.

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Automated shift reminders, notifications, and feedback requests
Highly flexible search screen that allows volunteers to search for activities, see details, request more information, and register to volunteer or attend.
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Private discussion forums
Volunteers have access to private discussion forums, allowing them to exchange ideas with other like-minded people.
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Integrated text and email communications
Admins and volunteers can easily communicate with all or a subset of the people associated with an activity via email or text. Protect the privacy of users by hiding their email or phone numbers where appropriate.
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Recognition and awards
Highly configurable recognition module tracks milestones and allows awards to volunteers based on qualitative and quantitative achievements. See important dates right when you log in.
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Offero analytics

Program Measurement

January data aggregation has never been easier. Experience the ability to pull an amazing array of standard and custom reports—like our Analytics report that turns your data into useful information and infographics at the click of a button. Our unique tagging system provides added flexibility and granular control over the dynamic reporting engine.

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Analytics dashboard
In depth dashboard that allows you to see the metrics that are important to you with summary and drill-down detail.
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Automated impact tracking
Accurately track customized impact-based measures (e.g. trees planted, miles or trails maintained, bags of garbage collected) by volunteer, position, department, division, area, or organization.
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Robust reporting
Reports are highly-configurable using custom filters and parameters and can be downloaded in HTML, PDF, Word, and Excel formats.
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Administrative dashboard
Customize the data you want to see upon log-in. Unfilled assignments, expiring background checks, and activities near capacity are just a few of the many capabilities.
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Platform & Security

Offero is a cloud-based volunteer management software application backed up by the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, one of the most scalable, secure, and redundant hosting architectures available. This means that Offero is available to anyone, anywhere, anytime, and on any device with internet connectivity. Check on volunteer counts and communicate with registered participants from the field.

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100% cloud-based
Offero operates on any internet connected device and features a mobile-responsive design. No special software is needed, and all major browsers are supported.
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Secure and reliable hosting
The system is delivered on the Microsoft Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) hosting platform, ensuring world-class security, performance, reliability, and scale.
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No IT support needed
There is no burden of hardware maintenance or IT support personnel. We add new features and capabilities all the time, at no additional cost.
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Ongoing support from your biggest fans
With Offero, you'll benefit from unlimited annual support from our team of experts, who are available via phone or email for any questions or requests you may have.
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Usersnap feedback tool in Offero

"Offero has given us the ability to combine several programs and communication systems all in one easy to use system. We can now schedule volunteer projects, shifts, events and community programs all within one system and calendar."

Pam Mayhew

Pam Mayhew

Larimer County Natural Resources

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