Volunteer & Event Management

Offero is one of the only volunteer management systems on the market that allows you to manage your events and participants in the same place that you manage your shifts and volunteers—no need for additional software. Get up-to-the-minute details on registrations, open shifts, and event attendance while gaining peace of mind with automated shift reminders, hour tracking, and feedback requests for volunteers. Offero handles the paperwork and logistics for you so you can get back to doing what you love.

Volunteer portal

Volunteers have access to their personalized portal in Offero that is custom-branded to your organization. The portal is where they manage all things related to volunteering—from scheduling shifts to collaborating with fellow volunteers in private discussion forums.

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Communicate with your volunteers by highlighting announcements that they'll see right as they log into their portal.
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Personalized upcoming activity suggestions
A custom-tailored list of upcoming activities based on the user's preferences and interests are displayed on the dashboard.
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View upcoming activities
Volunteers can see the upcoming shifts they registered for on the dashboard.
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Profile and preference management
Volunteers can manage their preferences, demographics, and profile right from their portal.
Fort Collins Engage
Offero volunteer calendar

Simple scheduling with a centralized calendar

Users view volunteer opportunities and register for events in the same place, and can easily toggle between the two. Activities can be displayed in calendar or list view, and filtering is robust. Some highlights of our calendar and scheduling functionality include:

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Automatic shift reminders
Volunteers choose to receive shift reminders via email or text.
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Recurring shifts
Setup scheduled opportunities for volunteers to recur on the frequency you choose.
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Activity qualifications
Volunteers can only sign up to help with assignments that they are qualified to help.
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User tagging and mass updates
Easily tag users or groups of users to perform bulk actions.
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Assign volunteers specific items for duty
Manage the volunteer assigned to each item and view hours by a whole or by item.

Integrated event management

The beauty of Offero is that you can now manage your events and participants in the same place you manage your volunteers and activities.

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Event calendar
Participants view events and register right in Offero. There is no need for a separate event management software.
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Real-time registration and attendance
Stay in the know with the up-to-the-minute status of your event registrations and attendance.
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Waitlist management
The waitlist is automatically activated once an event reaches capacity. Manage the waitlist and promote waitlisted participants to registration.
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Metric tracking
Offero allows you to track several different event-related metrics like participant feedback, impact, and outcome tracking.
Offero activity view

"Offero is the first software of it's kind that allows you to manage all aspects of BOTH public participation AND volunteer scheduling. The system has so much functionality and scalability that you can customize as you go. You don't need to be a software engineer to use it! I feel like this has raised our customer service to a level that all our customers deserve."

Sue Schafer

Sue Schafer

Citywide Volunteer Services Program Manager at the City of Fort Collins

Save time with self-reported site visits

Volunteers self-schedule an activity and complete a staff-configurable report to record hours and measure impact. They are even able to submit maintenance requests for issues discovered during their site visit.

Offero profile
Offero dashboard

Robust admin portal

Your admin portal is your hub for all things volunteer management. Customize your dashboard with the information that's important to you, and Offero will keep it updated up-to-the-minute.

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Configurable dashboard
Select several categories of pertinent information to view—from unfilled assignments and activities near maximum capacity, to recent volunteer applications and background checks needing review.
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User management
Administrators can manage all volunteers, participants, and users they have permission over from the admin portal.
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Volunteer database
Offero keeps a roster of all your past and present volunteers. View a user list showing all volunteers and easily filter based on groups, interests, skills, and more.
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Activity management
Create and modify volunteer opportunities and events with Offero. Track impact-related metrics, assign volunteers, manage activity waitlists, and more.
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Document hosting
Offero features a document repository that allows you to upload and store documents and files for administrator access.