7 Convincing Reasons to Invest in a Volunteer Management System

Investing in a Volunteer Management System (VMS) is a complete game changer.

Volunteer coordinators are the first to recognize the need for a comprehensive system to streamline operations and enhance volunteer engagement. However, the people with the ultimate decision-making powers might not immediately perceive the value of that investment. Making the case might involve giving a presentation or writing a comprehensive report. Articulating the need for a new system requires a strategic approach - one that aligns within organization’s priorities and emphasizes the return on investment.

Here are seven compelling ideas to help demonstrate the value of a VMS:

1. Increased Operational Efficiency: A powerful and customizable VMS streamlines volunteer coordination and allows staff to give their attention to other priorities. When compiling your business case, consider emphasizing how it optimizes workflows, saves time and resources, and supports staff across the organization. Sharing case studies about how a robust VMS amplifies organizational impact is a good place to start. Our motto is, “Focus on the people, not the paperwork!”

2. Cost-Effective Alternative to New Staffing: A VMS is a cost-effective solution, especially in environments where hiring new staff is a barrier. Many Offero customers have shared that the VMS is like an "extra staff member," streamlining processes without the need for additional FTEs. Allow your staff to dedicate more time to strategic initiatives and meaningful volunteer engagement. Augmenting staff capacity is a creative solution to staffing limitations.

3. Expert Consultant Services: The Offero team is dedicated to customer success and spends significant time with customers getting their programs set up within the system. That way, it is configured to its highest and best use. Every organization’s volunteer strategy is unique, requiring a tailored approach. The Offero team has decades of experience designing volunteer programs and can provide invaluable insights gained from working with organizations around the country. By starting on the right foot with expert guidance, organizations can avoid costly errors down the road. Making the investment in configuring a VMS is like hiring a consultant team to help with the work.

4. Quantifiable Return on Investment: To effectively present the case to decision-makers, it's critical to acknowledge that volunteer engagement takes resources. Shift the conversation from viewing volunteer programs as "free" to quantifying the Return on Volunteer Investment (ROVI). Investing in volunteers amplifies outcomes and produces tangible results. When you make your case, show how a VMS helps measure and communicate volunteer impact. Program metrics, including ROVI, justify the investment but also reveal the many contributions volunteers give.

5. Volunteers as Brand Ambassadors: Volunteers are passionate advocates and ambassadors and deserve the best possible experience. They intimately understand the value of the programs and services your organization provides and can effectively communicate its impacts to stakeholders. Whether it’s talking to their representatives, telling others about the organization, or becoming donors, the power of volunteers as ambassadors can’t be underestimated. Support volunteers with a best-in-class volunteer management software. Demonstrate your mutual support to the volunteers who give their time, talents, and treasures.

6. Public-Facing Support: A VMS with registration capabilities is immensely valuable if your organization offers public-facing programming or is considering doing so. The combination of volunteer and event management makes coordination a breeze and encourages strong community engagement. Many Offero clients leverage the power of a public-facing event calendar and volunteer-led programs to maximize their impact and expand capacity.

7.  Long-term Vision for Scalable Impactful Programs: Investing in a VMS that grows with your program is strategic. It's time to communicate about the long-term vision of cultivating impactful volunteer services. It's not just about today; it's about building a volunteer program that is sustainable for the long term. As your organization grows, so does the complexity of volunteer management. A scalable and customizable system will adapt to your changing needs, supporting the seamless expansion of volunteer programs without compromising effectiveness. Become a leader in volunteer engagement and dream big!

Remember, the investment in a VMS like Offero is more than just a software purchase. It's a strategic decision toward optimizing volunteer programs. Explore the VMS Buyer's Guide and the Playbook on Designing Volunteer Positions on offero.com for comprehensive insights and resources to kickstart this transformative journey!


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