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We’re Offero—a state-of-the-art volunteer management solution offering volunteer coordination, education, scheduling, and reporting done right.

Offero originated out of a partnership with Fort Collins Natural Areas after they struggled to find an existing volunteer management system that met their unique requirements. We worked side-by-side with volunteer program managers and coordinators to develop the cloud-based software, which soon expanded to a comprehensive city-wide system due to its success. Offero is now being used by city and county governments of all sizes and scopes.

What sets us apart is our fanatical support of our clients. We are advocates for their success and do what we do to make their jobs easier.

“Offero learned how our organization operates, learned our lingo and developed a system that is tailored specifically for us. They even thought of better ways to do things and found ways to add features that we hadn’t even thought of.” – Zoe Shark, City of Fort Collins Natural Areas

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The Offero Team

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